Cape Breton's Giant: Angus McAskill

(This story is taken mainly from the book Two Remarkable Giants by Phyllis R. Blakeley, published in 1970, Lancelot Press.) The 1981 Guinness Book of World Records lists Angus as the tallest natural giant who ever lived, the strongest man who ever lived, and the man having the largest chest measurements of any non-obese man.

Cape Breton's Big Boy jogged down the street with a 300-pound barrel of pork under each arm to the admiring whistles of bystanders. To win a bet with some French sailors he lifted an anchor weighing 2700 pounds to his shoulder and walked down the wharf with it. Barnum exhibited the Giant on tours in the United States and Europe. One day Big Angus McAskill threw a Big Sailor right over a large woodpile.

There was a time when a sick man had to be taken 25 miles through a howling snowstorm. The giant swung him up A Cape Breton Legend over his back and carried him to the doctor without once setting him down. Fishermen who couldn't pull their heavily laden boat up on the beach called on Angus for help, and as the Giant pulled on the bow the men decided to play a trick and hauled back. The boat was torn in two in the tug-of-war between the Giant and the fishermen.

Queen Victoria heard stories of his amazing strength and invited the Cape Breton Giant to an audience at Windsor Castle where she presented him with two gold rings and acclaimed him as the tallest, stoutest, and strongest man that ever entered the palace.

These and many other tales are still told in Cape Breton about Big Angus McAskill of St. Ann's.

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