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Long, long ago in a tiny village far, far away......

The MacAskills of Inverkirkaig in the late 1800s

...there lived a family that spawned many a MacAskill in Canada.

These are the MacAskills of beautiful Inverkirkaig, Scotland, on the rugged west coast, a few miles south of the picturesque fishing village of Lochinver.

You see Great-grandmother MacAskill (the former Jane MacKenzie) with all but one of her children and three grandchildren. Most of her children became adventurous and sailed off to Canada, where they thrived and produced a lot of us MacAskills. One of the boys, Donald MacAskill, Sr., married Jane Frost of Lexington Kentucky and they looked pretty distinguished later in life, no?

They gave birth to Mary Jane MacAskill and Donald MacAskill, Jr., who looks positively dashing with his georgeous new bride Miriam Rose. They gave birth to Robin, Jane, and Chris MacAskill who gave them 12 grandchildren. MacAskills everywhere!

Back row, from left to right:
  • Murdoch (all four on the back row moved to Canada)
  • Danny (Donald)
  • Bill
  • George
Second row, from left to right:
  • Barbara, with twins, who died in South Africa (one was Johann, who died in Scotland).
  • Jessie, a marvelous person, who died in Africa.
  • Jane MacKenzie, also known as "The Battle Axe" for her stern demeanor.
  • The little girl on Jane's lap is Jean Nicolson, daughter of Jessie, age 86 in 1997, a wonderful woman who lives in Edinburgh.
Front row:
  • Barbara's son.
  • McKinley Nicolson, Jessie's son, named after his godfather President McKinley. He was lost at sea during the Second World War.
Missing from the photo is Donald MacAskill, one of the brothers, who had already left for Canada.

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Robin MacAskill
Bethesda, Maryland, U.S.A.