The photography of Wallace MacAskill

the Photographer A Nova Scotian born and bred, MacAskill was one of the first Canadian photographers to achieve distinction in international salons where his work was not only admired for its technical excellence but for the truth of its statements about men and the sea.

The legacy he bequeathed to his native Nova Scotia is a magnificient collection of photographs, unequalled in quality and variety. Some bear the unforgettable quietude of a bay or inlet along Nova Scotia's rocky coast; others mark the majesty of the sea or the land in which he lived. And then there are those glorious prints made during the reign of Canada's immortal schooner "Bluenose" and her valiant (and unsuccessful) competitors.

One of his photographs of the Bluenose became the subject of a commerative postage stamp issued in 1929, and in 1937 another was used on the Canadian ten cent piece, where it still appears to this day. Click here for more...

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